之前所提及的Juniper为JNCIA-EX认证者颁奖计划,正如料想中的一样,结果让人感到失望。我本人虽然并没有参加上述两个认证考试,而已寄出申请Email的Juniper Networks合作伙伴工程师,今天收到来自Juniper方面的回复:中国并不包含在本次活动的地域范围之内。看来各位只能等待瞻博网络下一次的活动机会了,我也会及时通知大家未来Juniper在国内举办的其他活动信息。

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Juniper Networks Campaign (ASIN)
Subject: Juniper Rewards – Not Accepted Submissions
To: “Juniper Networks Campaign (ASIN)”

Dear Partners

Thank you for your participation in this program. We regret to inform you that your submission will not be accepted as China is not an eligible region for this program.

Thanks again and look forward to your support in future Juniper promo programs.

Juniper Networks Campaign (ASIN) – AROM


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